Mandalas, Fractal Art, and Mandala Meditations

As a child growing up in rural Pennsylvania, the countryside and the wonderful changing colors of the landscape fostered my love of nature and color. These qualities, coupled with a spiritual curiosity, most influence my work today which primarily focuses on the repetition of color and pattern in the form of mandala and fractal art.

While mandalas and fractal art may initially seem like two very different types of artwork, I feel a strong connectedness between them: both have a mysterious, intriguing quality that draws the viewer in with mesmerizing, hypnotic subtlety.

Mandalas and the spiraling structures of fractal art both take us on an experiential journey where colors, textures, and the reflected symmetry of the image offer not only relaxation and reflection, but often times insight as well. My art invites the viewer to slow down, breathe, and reflect, while offering, at the same time, a glimpse into a world that awakens the imagination and calls them to not only consider what is, but what could be. Welcome.


Recent News...

Mandala Meditations is now universal. My Mandala Meditations app is now universal, meaning if you purchased the Apple TV 4 version, you can now download it for your iPhone or iPad too — free! It works the other way as well, purchase for iPhone / iPad and it will also be available to you through the Apple TV 4 app store. Read more about the Mandala Meditations App here.

By Request... I've uploaded a new mandala animation to my Moving Art page. This one loops continuously and is not set to music: Abiding: A Mandala Meditation.

Keep the suggestions and comments coming. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send your thoughts and suggestions regarding my Apple TV app, Mandala Meditations.Send your comments here.

In the blog. Most of my recent work is posted in my blog — mandalas, fractal art, works-in-progress, you name it — swing by to check it out.