Fractal Art

I began exploring fractals in the summer of 2004. I was looking for ways of designing interesting shapes and textures to use in creating a new kind of mandala. And in working with fractal geometry, I soon realized that the intricate, spiraling structure of fractals is very similar to mandalas in its ability to both relax and transform those who view them.

Below is a small selection of the fractal art I've created over the years. All of the images below are available through my Society 6 and RedBubble shops as art prints and canvases, as well as on various products such as phone cases, throw pillows, t-shirts, home decor items, and much more. To see a selection of online retailers who carry my work, visit my shop page.

*Note: Some of the images below have been cropped to fit this page.

Abiding Fractal
Blushing Rose Fractal
Celestial Staircase Fractal
Changing Petal Fractal
Dark Shell Fractal
Color Therapy Fractal
Gentle Aplomb Fractal
Eternal Sunshine Fractal
Renaissance Fractal
Quiescence Fractal
Rainbow Spiral Fractal
Peacebloom Fractal
Strawberry Spiral Fractal
Surrender Fractal
Watercolor Fractal

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