About Mandalas

Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. The circle is perfect with no beginning or end. It represents God, the whole, the individual, and it encompasses everything within it.

In working with mandalas over the course of fifteen years, I now like to think of them more as wheels than simply circles. A wheel turns, has motion, moves us forward, and so can mandalas.


There are five primary components of a mandala: symmetry, geometry, color, number, and intention. By combining these components, we can use mandalas to not only transform and empower the spaces in which they are hung but the lives of those who view them as well.

Beauty Mandala 02


Numerous studies have found that symmetry brings forth feelings of balance, harmony, and peace, and so all mandalas I create are symmetrical. After all, who couldn’t use more of these qualities in their lives?


The mandala always begins with the circle. Its form is the embodiment of perfection. It is a powerful symbol used throughout history and is meant to be remembered when creating a mandala: God; the I AM; all that is, was, or every will be; the passage of time; the self; the embracing the whole; the form without end; and so much more are associated with the circle.

The other type of geometry contained in 95% of my mandalas is fractal geometry. Fractals came into my life soon after I discovered mandalas, and for me, mandalas and fractals are a logical and natural fit, like two sides of the same coin.

Fractal geometry is the geometry of nature. It is found within us and all around us. It is used to understand the clouds and lightning, the formation of coastlines and mountain ranges, the growth of bacteria and trees, and so much more.

I view fractal geometry as a powerful expression of creation, and so, the majority of my mandalas are designed with fractals.


Each individual color has unique properties that can be used to help you heal, prosper, and transform your life. By paying attention to how colors affect you — from the clothes you wear to the paint and furnishings in certain environments — you can then use this information to more quickly bring about change.


The study of numbers, or numerology, plays an important part in empowering a mandala. Numbers, like colors, have various meanings and characteristics associated with them. By choosing a mandala that resonates with a specific number, you can more fully bring the characteristics of that number into your life.

For instance, if you are looking to become more intuitive, you may want to work with a purple / violet mandala that has seven radiations (spokes) since both purple and the number seven work to increase intuition.


By setting a clear intention to use with the mandala you select or commission, you are choosing to activate it for a particular outcome. By doing so, your chosen mandala will forever act as a symbol of this intention and as a tool to help you achieve it.

These five components work in tandem to empower each mandala, thereby transforming both the spaces in which they are hung and those who view or work with them. This is why it is essential to choose a mandala that feels “right” for you or to have one created with a specific intent in mind.

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