How to Choose a Mandala That's Right for You


To choose from the selection of mandalas I've already created, understand your motivation for purchasing before hand. Do you want an image to add color and positive vibes to a room? Do you want a mandala to help you overcome an obstacle you are facing?

Whatever the reason, clarify it in your mind before you choose. Then, get centered, take a deep breathe, and scan through the mandalas that are available.

Allow your intuition to make the choice. Select a mandala that you are drawn to, that “feels right”, or that makes you feel happy, empowered, or energized.

There is no right or wrong choice, but a choice made using your intuitive sense is usually the best means of finding and working with a mandala that will be most beneficial to you.

Lilac Mandala


If you are ready to select an already created mandala, visit my mandala art gallery to see what's currently available. For details, purchasing information, and availability, click on each individual mandala.

Please note: All of my previously designed mandalas and mandala inspired products are sold via online retailers who handle all orders, inquiries, and returns.


If none of the pre-made mandalas seem like the right choice for you, or, if you wish to have very specific intentions and characteristics embedded in your mandala, I am available to design one for you.

Color, numerology, and intention can make a profound difference when you select a mandala to facilitate change. Be sure to read my About Mandalas page to find out more about the components of a mandala.

Visit my commissions page to find out how to have a unique mandala created just for you!

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