Mandala Coloring Books for Adults & Teens


Achieve tranquility through creativity! My coloring books were created with all skill levels of colorists in mind, Coloring Mandalas Adult Coloring Book, Volumes 1 & 2 and Coloring Patterns Adult Coloring Book, Volume 1 offer a variety of designs with varying levels of detail.

Each book features:
- 50 original, unique illustrations
- Designs ranging from simpler to more intricate
- One illustration printed per page (no designs are printed on the backs of the pages)
- Perfect for all levels of colorists
- Great for gel pens, thinner markers, and colored pencils

To find out more about mandalas, visit my About Mandalas page.


"Original mandala designs, beautifully rendered! It is relaxing but also engaging as you plan for winning color combinations! And, it does not have the heavy black borders and pre-shaded areas that some books have, so it's more open for artistic interpretation — you can shade, but you don't have to. Either way, the result is very satisfying. I highly recommend it."
— Karen Watson on, Five Stars

"Lovely mandala designs done one per page. I am very happy to have found Ms. Dietrich's beautiful book and look forward to more!!"
— Amy Colors on, Five Stars

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