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I love to doodle mandalas while I watch TV, while I'm listening to podcasts, or pretty much anytime I have spare time and a pencil in hand.

But, sometimes I want the mandala to be more symmetrical than I'm able to accomplish freehand, especially if I'm not sitting at a desk or table.

So rather than carrying a protractor, compass, and ruler with me all the time, I created this mandala template that I slip behind my drawing paper, and in the blink of an eye I'm ready to start drawing without making any guidelines. Hooray!

Download the PDF and you're off and running.*

If you would like to use this template for instructional purposes, please drop me a note and attribute credit in your class by including my name and website URL with your course materials.

Thanks very much and happy drawing!

* Just a note: If your drawing paper is super thick, you may not be able to use this template unless you use it with a lightpad.

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