Commission a Mandala

I'm now accepting commissions!

Clients are encouraged to share their affirmation / intention, colors and number preferences, and any other information they feel is important and wish to provide.

Once I gather a client's preferences, the creation of the mandala is largely intuitive. I encourage prospective clients to embrace a "go-with-the-flow" attitude from that point on by trusting the universe and detaching from the end result.

The finished mandala that I present is the outcome of this intuitive process — a combination of the client's energy, information, and expressed wishes.

Different packages are available — the most economical being the creation of a mandala that you will also share with the world, to the most expensive, that being one in which you purchase the rights to the image for use in whatever way you wish.

If you are serious about commissioning a mandala, please contact me for further details.

I look forward to creating a mandala especially for you!

Beauty Mandala 03


Not ready to commission a mandala? Find out more about selecting a mandala that has already been created.


If you are selecting an already created mandala, visit my mandala art page to view mandalas that are now available. By clicking on a specific mandala, a description page comes up that provides details, purchasing information, and availability.

Please note: The mandalas and mandala inspired products that I have already designed are sold via online retailers. These sellers handle all orders, shipping, and returns.

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